Soothing Gel

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This blue gel contains menthol to cool and soothe skin after waxing

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Product Description

Item ID Fragrance Size
C COO 130 G1 Cool Mint 128 oz.
C COO 130 G5 Cool Mint 5 Gallon
C COO 131 G1 Warm Earth 128 oz.
C COO 131 G5 Warm Earth 5 Gallon
C COO 132 G1 Citrus Fresh 128 oz.
C COO 132 G5 Citrus Fresh 5 Gallon
C COO 133 G1 Fresh Cut 128 oz.
C COO 133 G5 Fresh Cut 5 Gallon
C COO 134 G1 Love Potion 128 oz.
C COO 134 G5 Love Potion 5 Gallon
C COO 135 G1 Hawaiian Breeze 128 oz.
C COO 135 G5 Hawaiian Breeze 5 Gallon

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Cool Mint, Warm Earth, Citrus Fresh, Fresh Cut, Love Potion, Hawaiian Breeze


128 oz., 5 Gallon


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