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Blended Power

A non-yellowing powder ready to be used, with no mixing required.

Colored Powder

These 35 colored Powders allow manicurists with an artistic passion to create on esthetic nail designs.

Exclusive Powder

An advanced sculpting powder designed exclusively for EMA liquid. This formulation is available in any color.

Gel Polymer

Extraordinary powder designed exclusively for Gel Designed Nails.

Pink + White Powder

A special powder with easy workability and non-yellowing formula for Pink and White.

Porce-U-Glaze Acrylic Powder

This is a traditional clear powder that everyone can enjoy. Best used with Porce-U-Glaze liquid.

Premium Powder

These premium powders are an advanced sculpting powder with enriched color options. Crystal Clear can be used to mix with other pinks to create custom blends.

Special Formula

We created a special formulated powder to suit your needs.

Special Powder

Concentrated pigment powders with easy workability and enhanced color options. It can be mixed with Clear or Natural powder to create custom color blends.

Standard Powder

Original non-yellowing powders designed for mixing or as-is use.